We love helping people tell their unique stories through social science and 25+ years experience.

Result? Commercial, Identity, Credibility!

We provide continuity to your Brand across all platforms with Affordable High Quality video content. 

We value people and believe in helping honest businesses grow their sphere of influence to help shape our (sometimes) chaotic world. 


I initially met Mic when he came and filmed my 2 day Mastermind event. From seeing how hard he worked and how invested he was in getting the outcome I wanted, I could see he was someone I had to work with more.
He is one of the best I've worked with, being able not only to capture incredible footage but also direct, produce and edit at the highest professional level. He truly is a visual composer.
Mic is now on retainer as part of my team and I ready enjoy working with his highly creative mind.
I regularly refer people to Mic and I highly recommend him.

Sean Soole, Leading Business Mentor